Yoga tuition

Lesley and Misty

About Lesley

I have been practising yoga for 25 years and trained as a yoga teacher in 2016. I currently teach in villages around my home in the north west of Scotland.  I used to work as a nurse in the area.  My husband ,son and I moved here from Edinburgh in 2007.  We now have another son and two border collies!

I am passionate about sharing the physical and mental benefits of yoga through movement, breathing and relaxation.  Yoga is more than a physical workout as it incorporates practises that heal and benefit the body and mind. It teaches you to train your body and manage your mind.

Vinyasa Flow Classes in Assynt and the surrounding area

Class schedule:

Wednesdays 10-11am at Kinlochbervie Village Hall           Vinyasa Flow/Hatha


What is Vinyasa flow/Hatha yoga?

Yoga means ‘union’ or to bind.  Vinyasa means ‘linking’. Vinyasa flow means to link the breath with movement.  Hatha yoga is a term to describe the physical practice of yoga. It can also be described as the balance between the sun and the moon.  Balance both physically and mentally is important in yoga.  Asanas or postures have evolved over centuries to keep the body strong and supple and by linking them with the breath they soothe the mind.

Are the classes suitable for my level?

Classes are designed to be suitable for all levels and all bodies!  Vinyasa flow classes are more dynamic designed to get your heart rate up and build strength.  Gentle flow is slower. In either class you’re welcome to rest at any time or skip any movements or postures that aren’t working for your body.

What if I have an injury, I’m nervous about joining a group class, or the times don’t work for me?

Consider a one-to-one lesson.  Private lessons in your own home or at Lesley’s home cost £35 for 75 minutes or £120 for 4 sessions.  We can go over the basics of the practice with time to work out what works for your body, answer any questions and modify the practice to suit you.  Email me below to enquire.

How will I know if a class is cancelled?

You will be contacted by phone or email if a class is cancelled.